Tibetans and Nature

 As with native peoples everywhere,when  the  Tibetans lost their homeland, the Earth lost wise caretakers.  All life has suffered as a direct result.  It takes many generations to produce a society that lives  in a compassionate relationship with the world around it.  Even when seemingly responsible action finally does return after irreparable damage has been done, on a societal level the love born of the quiet insight that comes from closely  living and working with Nature seems to take far longer to reestablish if indeed it ever returns at all.  
A poem by the Dalai Lama published on the website of the Tibet Environmental Watch describes the Tibetan view of Nature far better than I ever could. The ongoing destruction of living things is also documented there with painful clarity. Please click on the prayer flag to read it along with me. (You may well have seen this already. By the way, yes, this is our prayer flag! I was able to make this from a few pictures. It's a bit rough but I'm proud of it.)


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