The Prayer Flag
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 With silent affirmation of commitment a Windhorse Project continues. It's on to the poles for the banner!  Here we're creating the wooden blocks for the lotus flowers.  I've sketched a rough top and side view to the scale of the banner so as to see how big a block we'll need.  Starting with a single board we'll need six peices, three for each block.  Next it's time to cut  the wood.  (I'm  of course, modelling another T-shirt design which you will recognize!)


Then the individual peices are planed so they can be glued together.  Actually, to make things easier I'm making one block and dividing it equally. Here's a rough sketch of the design (sitting on your table).  It  isn't completely accurate but it's enough to get things started.  The pencilled triangle on the side will allow us to keep the blocks aligned when gluing.   

Here is one of the poles. The lap joint will hold the birch dowels together firmly so they will hold up the banner without difficulty ( I've tucked it between two gouges to keep the dowels from rolling apart since they haven't been glued yet.)  Things are coming along quite well!  Hopefully, there'll be time soon to have a look at the geography of Tibet and perhaps even create a large sculpture of the land of Tibet. ( I'm also going to try my hand at spinning thread, something which I've never done!  That way, each flag you weave will have some hand spun thread by me to symbolize our mutual respect and patience. Of course, you may want to try this also! We can both spin thread!)   

August 13
With firm commitment a Windhorse project quietly continues.  I've been making steady progress on the lotus flowers! Here are the blocks ready for carving. They have been glued together and attached to peices of scrap wood so that they can be held easily in the bench vise for carving. In this picture you can see the initial drawing for the roughing process.

Here I've begun carving! The general shape has begun to emerge.

Of course, there is a lot more to go! Here we can see the body of one of the blossoms beginning to take shape.

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 *If you click on the prayer flag  you can hear the Tibetan Anthem here too
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    (courtesy of our  A Luminous Diamond (Bright) Crystal Show productions!)